Books, Patterns, Quilts, and Classes
by Margie Engel.

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Bodacious Applique a la Carte. Bold and beautiful, these applique designs leap right off the quilts! Here's a unique menu of simple applique patterns, ideas, and techniques. A variety of fusibles enable separate construction of the applique units, which are then stitched to your quilt. A banquet of 10 complete small projects and a dozen `a la carte patterns allow you to pick and choose from a variety of subjects and moods. Flowers, both realistic and imaginary, and creatures, such as parrots and geckoes along with a whimsical cat, can be used for projects ranging from elegant to definitely bodacious. Simple but effective embellishing is the key to making easy designs look more complex. Presented with a variety of faced and fused applique methods, you'll soon be on your way to creating exciting and original projects. The cover quilt has won numerous first prizes in quilt shows. She's the founder and president of EduQuilters, a group of volunteers who introduce quilting to kids. She's widely known for her classes, retreats, cruises, and community service. Some Assembly Required.  A mixed technique book which teaches design ideas by providing patterns which can be followed or altered.Suitable for all levels and interests. Versatile variety of techniques includes using photographs, commercial panels, large print fabrics, machine embroidery, and applique. No matter what fabric or what type of quilt you want to make, this will become your go-to book for ideas and information. Reading the book is like hearing Margie talk, so you'll feel right at home with the text. Margie takes the "daunting" out of design with these 8 happy, fun wall-hanging projects. Each chapter teaches a different design technique plus a project, so you are learning while doing and not even noticing how much you have stretched outside your comfort zone. You will understand four concepts of design much better with every stitch. Margie is an expert at bringing instruction to quilters of all skill levels. Her flare for versatility incorporates both contemporary trends and colors as well as traditional approaches, so the book will serve both the new and the traditional quilter. The featured quilt in this book, Some Assembly Required, received a Judges Recognition award from Libby Lehman at the 2011 Paducah Quilt Show.

Margie's best selling Patterns

Blueberry <anorCats et al. When the cats go fishin' the mice come out to play!  Simple, fast fusible appliques make this scene too delightful for cat-lovers and their friends.  Satiate your cat appetite with these fishing felines.  Full-size applique designs, ready for tracing directly on the fusible, can be one-piece or multi-pieced as shown.  Use organza or plastic for the fishbowl.  Pattern is great for beginning machine applique enthusiasts and can be quickly completed.  Quilt measures 39" x 26".Canine Capers. Here are your favorite dogs, carrying on their antics while living in harmony with three feline residents.  Each dog can be one or more different fabrics, and the appliques are simple when fusing with Steam-a-seam 2!  Nine different fusible applique dogs caper around three kittens in this easy, fun 40" x 34" wall quilt.


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